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Ah, the inaugural posts...

Hello people! I am Weyrlady, the other mod. I fully support, and laugh at, everything my lovely co-mod said in the previous post. Basically, we hope to have a community with charm, panache, intelligence, and a healthy amount of bitter, bitter sarcasm. Because we like pissing off stupid people.

I do have a couple personal requests:
-No useless introduction posts. Please, give us meaningful content. Not necessarily icons or graphics or anything, just... something to think about, some useful contribution to the community. 'Cause the "Hi! I like FMA! Wheeeeee!" posts annoy me.
-Spoilers should be uber-clearly marked and under an LJ-cut. Anyone who violates this will feel the wrath of the ninja.

And... that's it. Welcome to fma_elite!
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