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6th October 2004

animerei12:23am: FANGIRL MODE: ON!
FMA...wow. Never thought it would end like that. Kinda glad it did. Now the movie just needs to come out THIS year instead of next. That'd be sweet. Plushies also need to arrive so we can revel in their cuteness.
Current Mood: OMG!

5th October 2004

animerei2:19am: Yo. I finally figured out how to get into this community (some of us really need to spend some quality one-on-one time with lj, learning all its secrets). But yeah...if I actually belonged to the other community I would enjoy pissing people off. But as it stands, since I am not a member (and have no inclination to join), y'all are just gonna have to do all the ass-kicking on your own. I'll cheer you on.
Those damn FMA plushies had better arrive soon so we can all watch 50 & 51 with much plushie hugging. And uncontrollable sobbing. Ancalemon: if I get really ambitious, I'll make you a um, "detachable" Scar plushie for the Christmas season. Never made a plushie before, but it sounds like a good challenge.

28th September 2004

weyrlady1:30am: Ah, the inaugural posts...
Hello people! I am Weyrlady, the other mod. I fully support, and laugh at, everything my lovely co-mod said in the previous post. Basically, we hope to have a community with charm, panache, intelligence, and a healthy amount of bitter, bitter sarcasm. Because we like pissing off stupid people.

I do have a couple personal requests:
-No useless introduction posts. Please, give us meaningful content. Not necessarily icons or graphics or anything, just... something to think about, some useful contribution to the community. 'Cause the "Hi! I like FMA! Wheeeeee!" posts annoy me.
-Spoilers should be uber-clearly marked and under an LJ-cut. Anyone who violates this will feel the wrath of the ninja.

And... that's it. Welcome to fma_elite!
Current Mood: amused
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